BLOGCON : "Dito Lang Ako" with Michelle Vito, Jon Lucas and Akihiro Blanco

How long will you be willing to wait for the person you love? Can love really transcend time and a falling memory?

Star Magic's Michelle Vito and Jon Lucas' fresh tandem headline first romance-drama film, "Dito Lang Ako" starting August 8. 

Leading the film are Jon Lucas and Michelle Vito, who are both very much grateful to have finally fulfilled their dream of having their headlining role in "Dito Lang Ako".

JonChelle, as the new pairing is called, play the role of Delfin and Nelia respectively, the young lovers whose resolve and affection have been tested by time and circumtances.

The story centers on how Nelia waits for Delfin -- a man that she lost 40 years ago-- to comeback. Unwilling to forget the romance that she spent with him, she recallls their tale set amid the timeless beauty of Quezon city.

As Nelia and Delfin's story unfolds, "Dito Lang Ako" becomes more than just a recollection of past romance, it is an achingly compassionate story of heartfelt passion, tender moments and most of all, unselfish love.

Akihiro Blanco as Victor

The entire journey of creating the film has been nothing short of enjoyable for Michelle and Jon as they've gotten closer to each other. Not too long, they've also forged a new friendship with their co-stars, including their characters' third party named Victor, played by Akihiro Blanco.

Directed by Roderick Lindayag and produced by Blade Entertainment, "Dito Lang Ako"is written by harvey C. Aquino and Fanny P. Dychiao.

Catch Jon Lucas, Michelle Vito, Akihiro Blanco, Boots Anson-Roa, Freddie Webb, Rey 'PJ' Abellana, DJ Durano, James Deakin, Garie Concepcion, Senpai Kazu and Roadfill of Moymoy Palaboy in cinemas nationwide starting August 8, 2018.

Let's support "Dito Lang Ako", Blade Entertainment studio's first full-length film. 


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