Pancake House presents Classic Pan Chicken Solo Plates

Do you know that Pancake House highly recognizes Filipinos' whopping appetite for chicken? And they have good news!

They are bringing in the Classic Pan Chicken Solo Plates, now more affordable. Plus, their homemade gravy brings extra kick to its already juicy flavor. 
Pancake House' very own tender and crispy classic chicken goes well with everything. It perfectly blends with the other signature dishes of Pancake House. For as low as Php185, diners can savor the goodness of Pancake House's Classic Pan Chicken with 6 delectable pairings from July 16- August 31:

-Pan Chicken with Spaghetti, Garlic Bread and Iced Tea

-Pan Chicken with Best Taco in Town, Rice and Iced Tea
-Pan Chicken with Golden Brown Waffle and Iced Tea 
-Pan Chicken with 2pcs. Classic Pancakes and Iced Tea 
-Pan Chicken with French Fries, Rice and Iced Tea
-Pan Chicken with Mashed Potato, Rice and Iced Tea

Diners can relish Pancake House's other delicious meals like tacos, waffles, soups, salads and desserts and get the ultimate satisfaction, whether in the morning, at lunch, dinner or anytime in between. It also takes pride in its top rated wide selection of sumptuos and loaded main course meals, practically all the yummy dishes hungry customers would eat to satisfy their stomachs.

Panckae House strongly believes that diners deserve nothing but perfection, thus, it strives hard to give the perfect food and a reliable and efficient service. It continues to improve and expand its classic line up of food to entice and satisfy its customers.

Classics are always a good choice and so head over to Pancake House's nearest branch to eat nothing but the best. Be sure to like Pancake House on Facebook (, Instagram, Twitter and visit to learn more about the latest delectable dishes from Pancake House.


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