Watch : Arjo Atayde in Buy Bust movie

After 2 years in the making, BuyBust movie is finally coming to the Philippine cinema tomorrow, August 1, 2018. The film is co-written and directed by Erik Matti, topbilled by Anne Curtis and Brandon Vera. The story follows two teams deployed by an anti-drug enforcement agency, who are tasked with initiating a drug bust in the slums of Manila. Realizing the mission is poorly executed, the team find themselves trapped by slum settlers and attempts to escape by fighting their way out.

After its New York premiere, BuyBust received great praises from international online magazine that covers the international film scene. “BuyBust” will be released in the United States through the Asian genre specialists Well Go.
It will premiere here in the Philippine cinemas tomorrow, August 1, and will be streamed on Netflix starting November 1.

Aside from brilliant performances of Anne Curtis and Brandon Vera, expect a great portrayal from Arjo Atayde. His mystery character and how he portrayed the role is definitely one of the good reason why you should watch BuyBust. 

"Atayde's effective acting skills were very apparent despite his short 10-minute screen time and the ratty bathrobe costume and uglifying make-up he had on."

Fred Said

"The film also gets some really rich performances from the supporting cast, with Levi Ignacio, Alex Calleja and ARJO ATAYDE in particular standing out.

"@ataydearjo is freakin insaneeee exhausting as it is exhilarating and entertaining."


"Arjo Atayde was on screen for 15 mins.and he's still the movie's most brilliant actor."


"Congrats Arjo, short but a remarkable one. You are the key Biggie. I'm so proud of you, more projects to come."


"Arjo and Anne were outstanding. The confrontation fight was really brutal, had to close my eyes, yet beautifully choreographed. Great, great work!


"@arjoatayde takes on the sinister villain that was specifically intended for another actor, John Lloyd Cruz and makes it entirely his own. He is the scariest bad guy you will ever come across because you know he represents someone real and among us. He is beyong brilliant. I do not see anyone who could've portrayed this role better he did, not even John Lloyd."


BuyBust is the "drug war movie" we all need to see. Watch out also for Arjo's upcoming projects with Ms. Maricel Soriano and Angel Locsin, General's Daughter and MMFF's 2018 Jack em Poy with bossing Vic, Coco Martin and Maine Mendoza.


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