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Do you know that the principal advantage of a diet high in FIBER is in improving the health of the digestive system? Our digestive system is lined with muscles that massage food along the tract from the moment a mouthful is swallowed until the eventual waste is passed out of the bowel (a process called peristalsis).   
With the Increasing dietary fiber intake is likely to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, weight gain and obesity, and Colon Cancer. But with our lifestyles and food intakes, it’s hard to complete the 25-40g recommended fiber intake. That’s why we should take food supplement that gives us the fiber and has the ability of removing mucoy plaque.

Fiber Health capsule, an organic dietary supplement that promotes regular bowel movement daily. 

FiberHealth started 15 years ago and it was proven effective for helping the body to stay healthy. Mr. Victor Lim, CEO of Spectrum Naturale, shared the external health benefits of FiberHealth. 

Here’s how to take Fiberhealth;

General cleaning -- take Fiberhealth for 15 days, 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the evening 1 hour before meal in an empty stomach and then drink lots of water. 

Regular cleaning -- take (2) capsules every night 1 hour before meals with glass of water.

Slimming mode – take (5) capsules before lunch and (5) capsules before dinner with lots of water. 

Mr. Victor Lim, CEO of Spectrum Naturale

Try also the FiberHealth Drink Mix, available in Guava and Guyabano flavor. Just pour the 1 sachet into an empty pitcher. Add 500ml of cold water and stir well until powder is completely dissolved. Add another 500ml of cold water or ice to make it 1 liter and serve. It’s also safe for kids. Available in all leading drugstore for Php500 per box (10 sachet).
FIBERHEALTH is the MOST TRUSTED fiber supplement brought to us by Spectrum Naturale. For more FIBERHEALTH inquiries, call (02) 808 1144 /
0928 850 5050, (02) 817 777 / 0917 2500 200.

Available also in Lazada, Shopee and all leading drug stores nationwide.


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