Sid & Aya (Not a Love Story) showing on May 30 in cinemas nationwide

VIVA Films brings together on screen the Princess of All Media, Anne Curtis and the 49th Box Office Entertainment Awards’ Film Actor of the Year, Dingdong Dantes in this year’s much-awaited romantic-drama, “SID & AYA (NOT A LOVE STORY),” which opens in theaters nationwide on May 30.

In the story, Dingdong plays Sid, an insomniac, while Anne portrays the role of Aya, the mysterious woman Sid meets and asks to spend time with him as he battles with those long, sleepless and empty nights.

But as Dingdong’s character Sid tells us, “Hindi naman lahat ng may ‘I love you,’ ay  love story na, eh.”

The film’s tagline about it not being a love story is as intriguing as Anne and Dingdong’s first major big screen pairing.


 Anne and Dingdong first worked together years ago in the teen-oriented TV show, “TGIS,” where they were given different partners. “SID & AYA…” is their first-ever screen pairing much to the delight of their huge following.


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Based on the trailer released recently by VIVA Films, Anne and Dingdong displayed such strong chemistry, especially in scenes that are sizzlingly romantic. Anne and Dingdong went to Japan to shoot some of the movie’s important scenes.

From the screenplay and direction of box-office writer / director Irene Villamor (Camp Sawi and Meet Me In St. Gallen)

So, better watch and discover the mystery surrounding Sid and Aya’s relationship when the film, “SID & AYA (NOT A LOVE STORY),” opens in theaters nationwide starting May 30, only from VIVA Films.

“SID & AYA (NOT A LOVE STORY)” will have a Red Carpet Premiere on May 28 (Mon), 7:30PM, at TriNoma Cinema 7.

“SID & AYA (NOT A LOVE STORY)” in Middle East theaters starting June 7. US screenings start on June 8. It will also be released soon in Rome, Italy and Hongkong.

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