Our bebe IC at Promil ishine Art camp

One of the best thing about summer is for kids to discover, nurture and inspire their talents so that they will shine brightly. And it's time for our bebe IC to shine! We enrolled her at the exeptional junior art class of Promil iShine. On its 6th year Promil iShine Talent Camp showcases four different workshop; Dance, Music,  Engineering and Art.

The day starts with a warm-up exercise with their classmates/friends to get to know each other and feel comfortable with each other. Followed by a presentation of the activity via a story telling and then kids will draw on their artist sketch book and for the finale they will have their masterpiece arts depends on their activity.

Bebe IC with teacher Kara and teacher Gia

On their first day, they learned the curved lines and straight lines and made their faces on sketch book. Second day is all about animals, third day is flowers, fourth day is food plus they made complete meal (drinks, spaghetti meatballs, pizza and cupcake) via playdough (handmade by teacher Kara.

On their fifth day is all about shapes, patterns and they made houses. And for the last/sixth day they learned about different weathers and bebe IC'd favorite weather is sunny day. 

Bebe IC really had a great time with her Art class, she learned and explored new things plus she met new friends and interact with them. And I'm so proud that I witness and motivate her to #nurturethegift she's blessed with and I will continue to support and encourage her to explore her full potential in whatever field.

Promil iShine Talent Camp 6 will be having the recital of all 4 camps on May 11 at Kia Theater. I'm so excited to witness the next generation of talents in the field of Music, Dance, Engineering and Art. And I'll be more than excited to share my bebe IC's first recital ishine journey soon.

For more updates about Promil Four iShinenTalent Camp,  visit www.iishine.ph or www.Wyeth.com to know more about Promil Four. 


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