MESA on the road to 50 stores

What once was a simple concept in 2009 that aimed to bring un a different kind of dining experience to Filipinos, is now a 39-strong household name that continues to provide incomparable dining service, and a true embodiment of Filipino-with-a-twist in its interior & food.

MESA first opened its doors to the public 9 years ago with its flagship branchbin Greenbelt 5. It was there that Mesa was able to slowly build its name as one of the country's well-loved Filipino restaurants. With each addition to its branch list, Mesa proceeds to prove to all that Filipino cuisine can be elevated to a whole new experience while still upholding the traditional Filipino taste that we all know and love.

This month, Mesa adds another location to their roster with the opening of its 39th store in one of the top premiere malls in the country -- Robinsons GalerĂ­a. Set in the of the bustling Ortigas central business district, COO of FOODEE Global Concepts, Mr. Eric De says that "the opening of another key location of Mesa in the metro is fueled by the desire of our group to continue to share with the public the unique modern Filipino dining service that Mesa provides to each of its cuesta. With this, we want Mesa to be seen as a brand that provides accesible, affordable and luxurious overall experience to our diners."

Guests who dine at Mesa Robinsons GalerĂ­a can enjoy exclusive deals and promos from Mesa's partners at Booky, Metrodeal, and soon at Lazada. A special discount teaser card distributed during the first month of Mesa Robinsons Galleria also entitles quest to 20% discount in their bill.

Inside Mesa Galleria's doors is a dining area fit for 70 people, and a private function room that can comfortably sit at least 12 persons lined with unique and eye-catching chairs with Rattan accents,  marble finished tables, distinct lighting fixtures,  and other store details reminiscent of classic Filipino houses. The whole restaurant offers a homey and warm native vibe married with modern-industrial execution fit for enjoying all of Mesa's best-selling  dishes like the famous Crispichon-a juicy and flavorful rendition of suckling pig by Mesa served in 2 ways (wrapped in Malunggay crepe or tossed in chili in 1/6, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 whole xit,  or the Crispy Boneless Tilapia-a crowd favorites because of its unique and eye catching presentation of fried Tilapia accompanied with 4 different sauces. The Swahe on the Rocks is a dazzling showstopper with it's river shrimp cooked table side on extremely hot lava rocks. And Mesa's Laing 2 Ways is a dish that has been praised by Many critics because of it's tasty and intriguing offer of Laing "wet" and Laing "dry". All of these dishes, and many more now ready and available in Mesa's 39th store in Robinson's Galleria.

Best Sellers

 1,100 1,500 2,500 4,995 | Crispy suckling pig served either wrapped in malunggay crepe or tossed in chili garlic.

Crispy Boneles Tilapia
395 | Crispy Boneless Tilapia served with four sauces.

Swahe on The Rocks
300 | River shrimp cooked on hot lava rocks (Rikki's favorite)

Laing 2 Ways 
 190 | Taro Leaves, Chicken, Shrimp Paste, and Coconut Topped with Chicken Adobo Flakes,  Served Original Spicy.

Crispy Boneless Pata
 535 | Deep fried pork leg with the same great taste without the bone.


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