Up close: Arjo Atayde, not just your ordinary actor

Arjo Atayde (Juan Carlos Ocampo Atayde) is one of the versatile actor of his generation that I admire because of his natural acting skills. When I watch his shows, it appears that he is the real character. his way of talking, his smile, gis aiming guns and firing at a great speed, everything is my favorite. Recently, we had a chance to meet him personally and ask some questions about his career, family and future plans.

First impression, he looks very smart and has his own style. He knows how to communicate with us and we love how he answered all the questions.We appreciate his time and taking our convo as natural, I know that he's a true person. He is also lovable for his smile in times that really make me thrilled. 

When asked about the Valentine's date kinilig ako sa sagot nya hehehe. He's ideal date is "Good dinner that ends with movie and popcorn".

And for future plans, watch out for the movies that he's going to produce. Almost 11 movies are lined up and I believe that he will succeed in that field.  

And the best part is talking about family especially her relationship with his Hanggang Saan co-actor and real-life mother, Ms. Sylvia Sanchez. He describes her mom as a Professional actor and cool/understanding mom.

Looking forward for more projects to you Arjo and more time for interview portion with you. We truly enjoyed your presence and your whole personality


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