The country's first Christmas Musical Street Light Tunnel at Tiendesitas

Holiday light tunnels are a big thing in different parts of the world, one of the most popular of which is the Kyoto Illumiere in Japan which people troop to in droves to watch. Also worth mentioning are the Lights at Lafarge in Vancouver, Canada where a Christmas light display circles the entire lake, and the Tunnel of Light at Norwich in the United Kingdom. For the first time, Ortigas & Company is bringing that tradition to the country to prove that Christmas Shines Bright at Ortigas Malls.

Experience the grandeur of a Christmas Musical Street Light Tunnel outfitted with music and bursting lighting elements to make it more appealing for people to walk or drive through the brightly-lit passage.

The Christmas tunnel is a long path strewn with 2,368 pixels and 13 mini search lights. Each pixel comes with three (3) bulbs in red, green and blue. From these colors, infinite number of colors can be created and mixed together.

The Christmas Musical Street Light Tunnel is sure to make heads turn and keep eyes glued as families and friends bask under the glow of a shower of lights with songs filling the air to boot. It will be the ultimate Christmas experience for shoppers and diners to take a walk or drive through a dazzling tunnel of lights. The magic and grandness of it all will definitely stay with anyone who experiences it for a lifetime.

Ortigas East boasts the following offerings;
the Christmas Musical Street Light Tunnel from November 10 to January 7
Christmas Display along C5, Tiendesitas
Meet & Greet Santa on all weekends of December 
Fireworks all Saturdays of December inckuding December 24 and 
Simbang Gabi from December 16-24

Christmas at Ortigas malls is full-packed with activities. At Greenhills, the Christmas Village runs from November 8 to January 7, Also catch Mrs. Claus' Bazaar at the Vmall  lobby daily, the night market from November 18- January 7, Meet & Greet Santa on all weekends of December, Fireworks on all Saturdays of December including December 24, and Simbang Gabi from December 16-24.

These and all things Christmas definitely make Ortigas Malls 'Lit" (amazing in any sense).


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