KenBie spread Love, Tears & Kilig in "This Time I'll Be Sweeter"

After the successful 'Meant To Be', Kapuso artists Barbie Forteza and Ken Chan are now ready for the next level. KenBie's first big screen outing as a team, the love story-rom-com-drama " This Time I'll Be Sweeter," is touted to be one of this year's much-anticipated theater release.

This movie is so much different from their recently-concluded soap. This Time I'll Be Sweeter requires from Barbie and Ken much deeper emotional range without sacrificing moments of kilig, joy and laughter.

Barbie plays the role of Erika while Ken plays the role of Tristan, they are classmates in college. Tristan is considered a campus crush due to his skills in swimming. He and Erika grow close to each other but then the latter is left heartbroken as they part ways. Erika then graduates as a Cum Laude and succeeds as a field reporter. Tristan, on the other hand, ends up working for the family-owned airline company. 

Their paths cross once more when an incident involving Tristan's family and Erika's career come into play. The call of duty prompts Erika to communicate with Tristan for a follow-up on a story she did. That incident bring them closer again with Erika throwing in help so that Tristan may recover from a misfortune.

But is Erika prepared to be hurt again? Can love be sweeter the second time around?

Direk Joel Lamangan with kapuso artists; Barbie Forteza, Ken Chan and Kim Rodriguez 

Watch these videos from This Time I'll Be Sweeter blogcon, Bedalyn's Beat

Others in the cast are Kim Rodriguez, Hiro Peralta, Akihiro Blanco, Jai Agpangan, Kaki Ramirez, Fiona Yang, and more.

Kim Rodriguez plays the role of Kitty

Hiro Peralta as Paul

Akihiro Blanco plays the role of Andrei, Erika's bestfriend.

Jai Agpangan as Tala, Erika's bestfriend

Kaki Ramirez as Lance

Catch Barbie and Ken spread love, tears and kilig in theaters nationwide starting November 8, 2017


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