Amway opens 1st experience center called "My Amway Place"

Amway, the world's no. 1 direct selling business, is set to elevate the product and shopping experience of Amway Business Owners (ABO's) as it formally opens My Amway Place -- the company's flagship experience center in the Philippines. 

Do you know that "My Amway Place" is a $1.5M USD investment? Which is one of the highlights of the company's 20th anniversary in the Philippines. 

My Amway Place is located at 828 Arnaiz Street, Salcedo Village, Makati city, occupies three floors of the Kentek Building. It is intended to be a one-stop site where ABO's are supported in retailing, training and community development.

It is conceptualized by known Korean design company, Anche Space Consulting Group. It's also patterned after other Amway markets in the region. 

The first floor is dedicated to the Lounge, featuring a cafe serving coffee and pastries for ABOs and their guests. 

"First impressions matter. The first floor is about building connections. We want to be able to help our ABOs attract new prospects by giving them a space where they can comfortably and confidently meet and start to build that connection." --- Ms. Leni Olmedo, country manager, Amway Philippines.

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The second floor is the "Experience and Shopping center". All of Amway's top brands such as Nutrilite, Artistry, and the new launched Korean skin care line MIyu, will have experience areas where products may be tried out, consultations may be conducted and of course, shopping. The second floor also houses the Amway Promise Zone, where Amway's total satisfaction guarantee comes to life -- this space includes customer care and eSpring warranty service support.

The fifth floor houses the Training and Events Center, a world class facility with flexible space options for hosting large meetings, training and community events for as many as 300 people.

Meanwhile, Amway Philippines' new headquarter is located on the fourth floor of the building. My Amway Place is a testament to Amway's commitment to this country and community.


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