Spirit of the Glass 2: The Haunted (blogcon)

In time for the Halloween season, Octoarts Film presents Joey Reyes' Spirit of the Glass 2: The Haunted. It will be shown in cinemas beginning November 1. The story is about three friends (Bea, Lisette and Chelsea) who gained popularity through social media. All are completely unaware that they would be ensnared in the complicated world of supernatural because of an ouija board from Bea's grandaunt.

Bea (Cristine Reyes), a lifestyle editor of a popular magazine.

Andre (Benjamin Alves), Chelsea's rich boyfriend

Daniel Matsunaga plays the role of Enzo, an athlete businessman and Bea's boyfriend.

Lisette (Ashley Ortega), an up and coming young actress

Jag (Enrico Cuenca) is Enzo's best buddy and Lisette's boyfriend

Introducing Maxine Medina as Chelsea, a popular model for mainstream and viral advertising.

The group decided to play the Ouija board from Bea's grandaunt and accidentally open the gate from the other world. Then the haunting begins.... 

Janine Gutierrez plays the role of Sabrina Villafuerte, one of the most beautiful actress in the country (50 years ago).

Teri Malvar plays the role of Anita, a blind girl who was aware of the haunting.

Direk Jose Javier Reyes promised a more haunting experience in this 2nd sequel of Spirit of the Glass: The haunted.

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