Mga Gabing Kasing Haba ng Hair Ko "Those Long Haired NIghts"

Have you been to P. Burgos, Makati at night? The 200m long street is known as one of the most tourist-friendly Red Light District in Manila. Mga Gabing Kasing Haba ng Hair ko, "Those Long Haired Nights" will take us into the noctural corners of Burgos, Makati and walk us through the life of thress transgendered sex workers; Tuesday, Amanda and Barbie.

Tuesday stumbles upon love when she thought she was going to be murdered. Amanda confronts her desire for a family when she meets again with high school girlfriend. Barbie meets her end when she grabs the chance to make money for a sex change.

During the presscon, Matt Daclan and Mon Confiado gave us the brief background of their characters and story of the movie. 


Cebuano actor, Matt Daclan plays the role of cross dressing sex workers. 


Mon Confiado plays the role of a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them (pimp).  

Those Long Haired Nights pries open an otherwise uneventful working day in their life as transgendered sex workers and only to plant a sweet dagger twisting in our chest.

Gerardo Calagui collaborated with Bianca Balbuena of Epic Media as producer and Manny Marinay as executive producer to direct the film, "Those Long Haired Nights".

(L to R) Matt Daclan, Gerardo Calagui, Manny Marinay and MOn Confiado

As a production designer and a film director, Gerardo Calagui sees stories as a way of connecting to the self and making sense of events. Those Long Haired Nights is his first film into gender topics that involve Filipino transgenders. Through the film, he hopes to engage in discussions of gender identity and it's local nuances.

Those Long Haired Nights is now an official entry to five (5) major international film festival. Its also one of the competing movie in the Rainbow section of QCinema 2017 (October 19-28, 2017).


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