Enter the chilling world of The Ghost Bride

Get ready to brace yourself for the most unforgettable and most mind-boggling Halloween movie experience as Star Cinema release The Ghost Bride, the most spine-chilling horror-mystery of the season.

Directed by master filmmaker Chito S. Rono and written by Charlson Ong and Cathy Camarillo, The Ghost Bride explores a very different kind of wedding practice rooted in ancient Chinese culture and tradition. 

The movie is centered on Mayen (Kim Chiu) -- a Filipino- Chinese girl who will gamble with her life in a secret tradition that stems from Chinese culture, upon the advice of mysterious matchmaker Madame Angie Lao, in order to help her family. Mayen will enter a bizarre and unfamiliar world where she will have to marry the dead in order for others to live.

"Eto na ang pinaka-kinakabahan akong project na meron ako. First time kong poster na ako lang mag-isa." -- Kim Chiu

Moviegoers can look forward to experiencing the ultimate thrill as they witness Mayen's self-sacrifice as she enters the unfamiliar world of strange weddings, specifically the ancient practice of ghost weddings, which stems in Chinese culture. 

The Ghost Bride will expose a myriad of strange practices, both ancient and modern, that continues to affect certain groups of the Filipino-Chinese community, specifically in Manila's fabled Chinatown district in Binondo.

The Ghost bride also stars Matteo Gidicelli, Christian Bables, Robert Sena, Ina Raymundo, Beverly Salviejo, Isay Alvarez, Nanding Josef, Mon Confiado, Cacai Bautista, Victor Silayan and Jerome Ponce.

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The Ghost Bride hits cinemas nationwide starting November 1.


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