Attending Chickie Boy's birthday party with bebe IC

Attending kiddie party is one of my kid's favorite, they are overjoyed with each birthday party invitation they receive. And one of our favorite party is from Chickie Boy, my daughter Bebe IC was very happy with the invitation and she's excited to come with me.

Max's Restaurant made Chickie Boy's birthday party memorable. Max's Restaurant or simply Max's started in 1945 and became known as "the house that fried chicken built". Max's currently has over 127 branches in the Philippines plus branches outside the country.

Everyone are enjoying the kiddie party from the sweets, the activities, and the exciting ambiance of the party. At Max's, they give both fun and meaningful celebration for kids and parents too.  


Kiddie Party amenities;

  • three (3) hours use of venue / click here for store locator 
  • Mascot appearance
  • use of party banner 
  • party room decor
  • party host
  • party kit
  • giveaways
  • game prizes
  • birthday themed cake

Plus, parents can choose from Princess-Palace theme, Super Racer theme, Outer Space theme and Carnival theme. You can also add Yellow Cab cart, Krispy Kreme cart, and Jamba juice cart.

Thank you Chickie Boy for inviting us, we really enjoyed your birthday party. And for my bebe IC's birthday next year (March 31), we'll invite you too. 


And to all the moms and dads out there who wish to celebrate their kids birthday with Max's, dial 7-9000or visit for more details. 


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