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Who guys here remember Jerome Abalos? Jerome was the singer behind the monster hit song “Larawang Kupas”. He was also the co-founder and front man of the 90s thrash.metal band “Death by Stereo” and progressive rock band “Majesty”. And now its for his sons to shine in the music industry. 

Sean Francis Abalos, Zachary Jeymz Abalos, and Shane Steven Abalos are the, born and raised in the urban neighborhood of Mandaluyong City, Philippines. They are the children of multi-talented, multi awarded musician,Jerome Abalos. He released 3 solo albums and 2 studio albums with his band. Death by Stereo’s self-titled debut album was certified gold record while his solo self-titled debut album featuring the monster hit song, LARAWANG KUPAS, was a certified platinum. 

Nurtured by music from the moment they were conceived, Sean, Zack, and Shane grew up with the melodic sound of the keyboards, the ripping sound of heavy metal guitar solos, and the thunder-like beat of drums and percussion. Raised and mentored by a multi-talented, multi genre musical artist of a father and fueled by their mutual interest in rock and roll, heavy metal, progressive rock, and alternative rock, can be considered as one of the rising stars in the Philippines, be it local or in international music scene.    
The band was formed in 2015 by singer, songwriter, and keyboard player Sean Abalos and his younger brother, lead guitarist and singer Zachary Jeymz. From the moment Sean and Zack held their instruments and started playing, it was clear that they had a future in the local and international music scene.his powerful Lars Ulrich -like drumming style. “Initially, we just wanted to be a band,” recalled Sean. “But when Shane officially joined us and started making all those power beats and double basses, our paradigm shifted and our aspiration changed overnight. We now wanted, not just to be any band, we now wanted to be among the bests bands locally and overseas.”

Though with different personalities, Sean, Zack, and Shane’s talents blended and clicked. In 2016, joined their first “Battle of the Bands,” their first public appearance. Since then, the trio had regular gigs in several bars in Manila and Luzon.

  Save the date! August 4 on Umagang Kay Ganda 

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