Chan Lim Family of Artists and Students

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, Chan Lim family of artists and students held its Exquisite exhibit of plates and scrolls at SM The Block Atrium.

Chan Lim is known as a group of Filipino-Chinese artists painting on fans, plates, lantern and tea pots. Jose Chan Lim, family patriarch who got the family interested in visual arts and paintings. Chan Lim is the name used by the family patriarch in signing all his artworks. The name is formed by combining the last names of the parents.

The Block's Atrium is festooned with over 100 beautifully designed hand-painted scrolls and adorned with 144 plates by the featured artists. The centerpiece is a grand Chinese pagoda accentuated with Chinese oil painting of Koi fish, which symbolize success, prosperity, longevity, courage, ambition and perseverance.

The exhibit showcases their artworks in porcelain plates, scrolls, as well as in canvas.  Total of 8 exhibits scheduled in 2017 all over the country. They will also travel together to conduct free Chinese painting workshop. If you are interested to join the art classes, you can email them at Rate starts at Php6,000.00 for 10 sessions.

Don't miss the wonderful exhibit, Chan Lim Family of Artists & Students at SM The Block Atrium. It will only be available until February 12 only. For more updates like them on Facebook via @chanlimfamilyofartists


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