Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer for my bebe IC

With cold and flu season, everyone's trying to dodge the viruses plus many infectious diseases are transmitted by touch. And as a mom, it is important to keep our kid's hands clean and germs free all the time.

The question is -- How? Thorough hand washing is typically recommended but use of hand sanitizers is promoted, too. Hand sanitizers are available in different forms like wipes, gel, liquid and my favorite is in spray.

Presenting ....the new Belo Baby Hand sanitizers, from Belo Baby line that crafted with care for the most delicate skin and for the meticulous moms.

Belo Baby Hand sanitizer kills 99.9% germs and bacteria, they comes with glycerin that moisturizes and an ultra-mild fragrance that leaves skin fresh. Belo Baby hand sanitizer is carefully formulated without triclosan, parabens, benzalkonium chloride, quats, glycols, chlorine, formaldehyde carriers, petrochemicals and most common allergens that are harmful to our babies skin. It is also hypoallergenic and dermatologists tested, two thumbs-up from mommy and daddy.

My bebe IC loves the 3 scents of Belo Baby Hand sanitizer; Peach, Green Apple and Blueberry. It comes in very handy spray and I don't have to worry now when she's in school because its easy to use. She also enjoy sharing her Belo Baby hand sanitizer.

To use hand sanitizers properly, just use one or two squirts, rub hands together briskly, front and back, between fingers around and around nails until hands are dry. Thanks to Belo Baby for equipping us with the best protective care for our family. Belo Baby line is available in all leading supermarkets, department stores and groceries nationwide plus online via Lazada,  Zalora and Cudsly.

For more updates on Belo Baby line, visit and follow their social media accounts; like Belo Baby Love on Facebook and follow on Twitter and IG via @belobabylove plus don't forget to use the #belobaby


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