How to keep your #OOTDs fashionable and fresh in any season

Putting together an Instagram-worthy outfit-of-the-day (OOTD) is one of the pressures a typical millennial goes through on a daily basis. Looking presentable could affect a job interview, and a clean, well-kept ensemble can leave a lasting impression on new classmates or colleagues which is why keeping your OOTD’s fashionable and fresh is something you should always bear in mind.

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Here’s a list of tips on how to easily choose or create a stylish and fresh work or school OOTD:

Prepare your OOTD at night
Although it might seem to be more of a hassle, it actually makes everything easier since most of the time, students or employees are in a hurry in the morning which sometimes causes their OOTDs to be unmatched or unpresentable. So preparing what to wear at night is a huge help.

Match your clothes with the current weather
A good OOTD means that you are stylish and at the same time comfortable. When it’s raining, get your A-game on and mix and match your sweaters or any clothing suitable for the cold weather. For the sunny season, make sure to not wear any thick clothing. You can even have fun with colors.

Update your wardrobe with the latest trends, but stock up on classics
Put together creative OOTDs with the latest fashion trends. However, make sure that your wardrobe has a good foundation with classic pieces such as shirts in solid colors and a little-black-dress or LBD to balance out your options.

Organize your closet
It will be so easy to pick an outfit of the day when you have an organized closet. There are lots of ways to get creative in organizing your closet. It could be by color scheme, type of clothing or even clothes that fit certain occasions or gatherings.

Keep your closet fresh
Philusa Corporation has a cool innovative closet freshener that will do good to your clothes inside the closet. The ALBATROSS Closet Freshener removes unpleasant odors in closets, shoe cabinets, and other closed spaces. It comes with a cloth cover that balances the release of fragrance. It’s environment- friendly and has a safe lock plastic case. ALBATROSS Closet Fresheners come in a stylish design and is available in various scents like lemon, ocean, rose, and more. So hang one or two and you’ll definitely have a fresh closet ready for picking your OOTDs.

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