More Juicy-fied years for Kathryn Bernardo

Good news!!! Cosmetique Asia, makers of Juicy Cologne decided to renew its contract with the Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo. 

After the successful year with Cosmetique Asia, Kathryn is very thankful and grateful to her Juicy family. And she really loves the scents of each variant like the freshness and energizing scent of Orange Twist and the sweetness and relaxing smell of Sugar Frosting. Expect more new scents of Juicy cologne perfect for teens and young adults.

Cosmetique Asia also promised for more TVCs and print ads for Kathryn Bernardo soon. Juicy cologne are available nationwide.

Juicy Cologne has different variants; Icylicious, Sugar Frosting, Up, Up and Away, Angel’s Bliss, Sprightly Sprinkle, Orange Twist, Sweet Delights and Dreamsicle. 


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