Lactum 3+ & 6+ with Panatag Moms

As a mom, we always find ways to go beyond our 100% when nourishing our child. From making vegetables look visually appetizing to trying new healthy recipes. We do this so our child gets 100% nourishment, and we get 100% peace of mind.


And our perfect partner, Lactum has been firmly grounded in helping provide 100% nourishment to Filipino children for over 25 years.

with my ka-Panatag moms 
Lactum understands that ensuring our child’s proper nutrition is never easy. And Lactum recently launched the newest Lactum 3+ & 6+ at ASAP with Panatag moms (like me). Lactum 3+ & 6+ strives to forge a deep partnering relationship with Filipino moms, giving us the reassurance that at every stage, Lactum is with us, committed to help in providing 100% nourishment for our child.

Lactum 3+/6+  is always looking for better ways to help provide 100% nourishment. Its formula with essential nutrients from the Food Pyramid is now made even healthier with Healthy-Nutri Blend. Because we know how important proper and healthy nutrition is to children. Click HERE for the latest TVC


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