Day Off welcomes Bela Padilla

In celebration Day Off's 9th year, pretty Bella Padilla will be joining Pekto, Maey and Boobay on their weekly adventures.

Actress Bela Padilla is the new host of the GMA News TV’s Saturday show Day Off.  
Combining entertainment with genuine public service, Day Off was created to recognize hardworking Filipinos who sweat through the day to earn a decent living for their families.

Pekto is very thankful to the viewers who have been loyal to them for the past 9 years. According to him, "Even though we've been through a lot, I am very proud to be part of this show, this is one of the show that challenged me a lot since I had to do series of different jobs just so they can at least give back a day of pampering to a selected hard working Filipino".

No task is too hard for Day Off’s hosts as they take the place of our Day Off winner while our Day Off winner leaves work behind to enjoy a luxurious day of fun and relaxation with his/her family.

Now on its ninth year, Day Off soars higher as everything is brought to the next level. The show will continue to give not just one but two workers, or at times even a barangay full of deserving men and women, a break!

This means more challenging switches for new host Bela Padilla along with crazy co-hosts Pekto, Maey Bautista and Boobay as their skills are put to the test with funny twists and turns created to make each job a fun adventure.

 Maey Bautista, Bela Padilla and Pekto

With over 1,000 happy and pampered winners, Day Off promises to hunt down dog-tired yet work-crazy people and give them what they truly deserve ... a grand, guilt-free, tailor-fitted, amazing day off -- dahil kailangang magpahinga, importanteng may day off! 

Last Saturday on Day Off at 6 p.m., Bela and Pekto blasted their way as quarry workers. 

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