Ariel Higanteng Linis at Higantes Festival

It was Sunday afternoon when I joined the fun of Ariel's Higanteng Linis at Angono, Rizal. In celebration of their Higantes Festival, Ariel (leading detergent brand) brought the "Kainan", Kantahan and Kasiyahan with " 1 Higanteng Linis, Higanteng Fiesta".

FYI --Higantes Festival, also known as the feast of San Clemente, is celebrated every November 23 in the town of Angono, Rizal. On the other side, Ariel is the leading detergents made by Procter & Gamble. 

Let's begin the favorite part during fiesta. Kainan, Ariel prepared the favorite dishes like Sisig, Humba and Bistek Tagalog.

Everyone was very happy enjoying the feasts. 

And now, its time to washed all the table cloth and the best partner is Ariel. For moms like me, laundry can be super overwhelming. With three kids, it feels like we are drowning with clothes.

Ariel made the laundry job easier, its the best thing that simplified our duties as a mom. They saved our most valuable resource -- time "1Higanteng Linis with Ariel"

DJ Cha Cha and DJ Charles of MOR 101.9 hosted the event and brought the fun to all the residents of Angono, Rizal. They had games and lots of prizes.

Proud nanay that represents every mom who loved everything about Ariel. The laundry smells great and mommies can go in and out of the laundry room in a flash.

Rocksteddy also performed for the final touch on Ariel's Higanteng Linis.  Happy Higantes festival Amgono, Rizal!!!!


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