Jamba Juice Blending in Tomas Morato!

Get ready to jambafied, Tomas Morato! The 13th Jamba Juice branch is now open, and let out all the good fun vibes. And this latest Jamba commotion  happened in Tomas Morato corner Scout Fuentebella. How awesome is that for fans within the area? Very.

Now fans know very well that it's customary for Jamba Juice to line up awesome stuff from the get-go. Jamba Juice kick off with an awesome and exclusive VIP night last September 30. This big event was studded with famous bloggers, celebs, and more online personalities. And Yes! We are the first to have taste of the Jamba experience.

Jamba Juice opening for the VIP guests to check out, have a hand at making their own smoothie, and get competitive and engaged in the first-ever Jamba Juice SQuiz Night. The SQuiz Night will be a great way for the guest to get to know not just one another but also be enthused about the Jamba Juice lifestyle.

with my co-blogger Gracee of Its me Gracee

Jamba Juice cooked up more than just an invitation. Fans who drop by got a "7 Days of Jamba Juice Smoothie Card". Imagine---7 days! Not only that. When fans complete the stickers, they get a cool sports tumbler as a token!

There are so many things in store for everyone in Jamba Juice. So mark the calendar starting October 1, you can finally satisfy your thirst and craving s for your Jamba soulmate. Sounds like a cool way to welcome October, doesn't it?

You can also post your photos and don't forget the hashtag #BlendingInTMorato for more fun. Also like their fb page Jamba Juice Philippines  for more updates.


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