Strawberry Lane on Sept. 15 at GMA Telebabad

After the success of the top-rating primetime series Niño, here comes the newest light family drama series, Strawberry Lane. Beginning Monday (September 15), GMA Network brings another top of the line drama series, featuring an original and heartwarming story of four girls with hopes and dreams who remain optimistic in the midst of life’s challenges.

This newest primetime series brings a unique ensemble of some of the brightest Kapuso stars in the Philippine entertainment industry. It also marks Bea Binene and Jake Vargas’ love team on primetime TV, giving a romantic touch to the engaging storyline.

Bea Binene as Clarissa will be joined by Kapuso Network’s talented teen actresses Kim Rodriguez, Joyce Ching, Joanna Marie Tan, and Rita De Guzman who are set to breathe life to the endearing characters of Jack, Dorina, Lupe, and Lavinia, respectively.

Also joining the cast are Kapuso promising teen stars Kiko Estrada, Jeric Gonzales, and Jake Vargas.

Respected television actors Sunshine Dizon, Christian Bautista, TJ Trinidad, Ms Chanda Romero, and Sheryl Cruz meanwhile play equally important roles in the newest primetime series.

The story revolves around the lives of Clarissa, Jack, Dorina, and Lupe who are accused as youth-in-conflict-with-the-law. Fate brings them together at Bahay Bagong Pangarap, a reformation center for girls, with Ms Digna (Chanda Romero) as the strict head.

Despite having different personalities, these four girls share the same hope of fulfilling their dreams. In Strawberry Lane, their favorite place in Bahay Bagong Pangarap, they seek meaning in finding a new beginning.

Dorina (Joyce Ching) is a soft-spoken girl who is weak in nature. At a very young age, she is separated from her parents Jonathan (TJ Trinidad) and Elaine (Sunshine Dizon) due to a saddening incident.

Elaine’s sister Monique (Sheryl Cruz) is pleased when this happened because she hates Elaine and promises to make her life miserable. Their younger brother Richard (Christian Bautista) will do everything to restore harmony in their family.

When Dorina finally grows up, she will work as a housemaid and will be accused of committing theft, leading her to Angel’s Haven where she will meet three girls whom she will share a one-of-a-kind friendship.

Stawberry Lane casts at September Blogcon

Bea’s character, Clarissa, was raised by her adoptive mother. To make ends meet, she will resort to stealing. Her heart’s greatest desire is to meet her father in the belief that her biological mother already died. She will eventually meet Gabo (Jake Vargas) who will become her guy best friend and will secretly fall in love with her.

Meanwhile, Jack (Kim Rodriguez) is a boyish girl who is accused of arson in the factory where she is working. She does not believe in the idea of romantic love. But her world will turn upside down when she meets Paulino (Kiko Estrada), the boyfriend of Monique’s daughter Lavinia (Rita De Guzman). Though her friend Georgie (Jeric Gonzales) has hidden feelings for her, he will be afraid to confess what he feels.

Lupe (Joanna Marie Tan) is the most ambitious among the four girls. Her dream is to be rich and money is the most important thing for her. Despite her selfishness, her three friends will still accept her for who she is.

Together, these four girls will inspire each other to pursue their dreams and to remain hopeful no matter what life has in store for them. Witness how their lives eventually turn out to be intertwined as the story progresses.

Under the helm of director Don Michael Perez, together with Jun Lana as Creative Head, RJ Nuevas as Primetime Block Head, Gilda Olvidado as Concept Creator, Kit Villanueva-Langit as Creative Team Leader, and Jules Katanyag as Headwriter, Strawberry Lane on GMA Telebabd right after 24 Oras.


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