Cartoon Network's Ben 10 Hero Academy at St. Mary's Academy

Cartoon Network recently brings the fun in safety awareness with Ben 10 Hero Academy at Saint Mary's Academy, Pasay. The Academy is an activities-based crash course where kids can learn to act wisely in dangerous situations with Ben 10-inspired, easy-to-learn tips. The program will makes its way to Metro Manila schools this year. 

“The Ben 10 Hero Academy takes after the spirit of the hugely popular Ben 10: Omniverse series,” said Nicole Schneiderjohn, Marketing Director, Turner International Asia-Pacific, operator of Cartoon Network Asia. “In using characters like Ben Tennyson, Bloxx and Rook to communicate valuable lessons on safety, we’re able to empower kids in their daily lives through fun and adventure.”

Through games and other dynamic activities, students aged 6 to 10 will be trained in four modules:
  1. Fire Safety
  2. Earthquake Preparedness
  3. Crime Prevention
  4. Road Safety
Kids meet their favorite Ben 10 characters, Bloxx and Ben Tennyson himself.

Lots of games prepared for the Grade 3 and Grade 4 students. Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 Hero Academy is co-sponsored by Boom, Toy Kingdom, Zest-O Milk-O Choc-O, and Seven Seas. Patron sponsors: Jack n' Jill Knots, Jack N’ Jill Wiggles, Lipps, McDonald’s, Del Monte, Topps, and Rebisco Wafer Time. 

You can logging to to find out if Ben 10 Hero Academy is heading to your school.

Cartoon Network, the leading kids' channel in the Philippines, through its initiative--Ben 10 Hero Academy teaches kids what they must do in certain dangerous situations. The said Ben 10-inspired activity based crash-course was filled with easy-to-learn tips where kids can learn to act wisely in different situations. The said program makes its way to Metro Manila schools.


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