The Recipe For Great Hair

What makes a good rebond the best? Is it in the technique used by your hair stylist? Is it the salon you go for your regular sessions? Is it in brands used?
It’s really a little of all those and more. The best rebonds are made from the delicate and meticulous choosing of the people behind your chosen rebond. In contrast, there are many low-priced or cheap unregistered China-made rebonding products flooding the market whose quality is questionable and can leave the hair damaged and unhealthy. 

A good rebond, when done with the best ingredients and tools, produces the best rebond that any Filipina can find anywhere. A better rebond is a rebond infused with the best ingredients and used with the best tools at an affordable price. That is why it is extremely important to choose carefully the rebond products you use on your hair. It makes sense to choose the best rebonding products that makes your hair beautiful without breaking bank.
The people at Ahglow know this fact very well, which is why they chose to import one special ingredient all the way from Germany just to make their products the best one that any Filipina stylista can choose.

The ingredients available from China just simply don’t make the cut for the Ahglow experts. 

An Ahglow rebond has five steps, which is very much unlike regular rebonds that only takes two steps to complete. These can sometimes completely ignore the overall health of hair and thereby ruining it forever.

The Ahglow rebond begins with the Straightening Cream, followed by the Keratin Hair Protek, the Neutralizer Cream, the Keratin Conditioner, and HairKote – all infused with keratin to make hair strong and healthy. 
It doesn’t take too long to finish an Ahglow rebonding session as it only takes about two hours to finish especially if two hairstylists do the rebond at the same time. Oh, and did we mention that the Ahglow rebond system smells pretty pleasant too, compared with other brands which can really be bothersome.

Where convenience and affordability is looked for, Ahglow provides the Stand-Up Pouches, which contain 165g each of Straightening Cream (No.1) and Neutralizer Cream (No.2), great for single use.

For maintenance, Ahglow provides the Kerafix systems for long lasting beautiful rebonded hair. The products include Deep Moisturizing Treatment Shampoo, Deep Moisturizing Treatment Conditioner, Leave-On Conditioning HairShine, and Heat Protection Treatment, which is highly recommended for stylistas who regularly iron or blow dry hair at home.

Ironing was also made a lot more gentler with Ahglow’s Gold Titanium Straightening Iron, which neither snags or pulls the hair, preventing hair breakage and severe damage. Imagine having to style burned or dry hair for months until you grow your hair back from the time you burn it with a bad hair iron.

Other keratin-infused products by Ahglow are the Deep Moisturizing Treatment Shampoo, the Deep Moisturizing Treatment Conditioner, Leave-On Conditioning HairShine Treatment, and Heat Protection Treatment, which is recommended for the stylistas who use straightening irons or hair blowers at home almost on a daily basis.

Keratin-based conditioners, hair repair, and cuticle treatment products were also formulated by Ahglow specifically for rebonded, relaxed, and even color-treated hair like the original Keratin Reconstructor Conditioner, Avocado Treatment Wax, and the Henna Treatment Wax.

The passion that made Ahglow create the best rebond ever, mixed with their meticulous choice in ingredients for the products they use, are crucial in making the Filipina even more beautiful with rebonded hair.

After all, this is the kind of rebond that the Filipina deserves.


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