My Kitkat Break Movement

Are you experiencing stress? Loads of work, intense traffic and plus the weather. I think all of us faced different kind of stress. 

Moms especially stay-at-home moms may seem to have an easy job, but in reality, it's a wonderful job that includes quite a big of stress. Stay-at-home moms--most of them--often find themselves going from the time they wake up in the morning until the time they collapse into bed at night. When kids are asleep, it's time to clean up after all of the fun or give Daddy some attention. It's a much-loved job, but it usually only looks relaxing from the outside! 

And the better way to turn my day around and lively is to have my Kitkat break!

"I want to unlock the skill of multi-tasking so I can comfortably manage everything."

As a moms I want to bond with my children throughout the day and enjoy the special moments of their growing-up years. Plus, housework must be done, dinners must be made, and children need social activities. Also I want to be in my best physically and emotionally. I want to maintain the kind of stamina required to keep up with kids all day, it's important for moms like me to care for themselves the way they care for their children: by getting plenty of sleep, healthy food, and at least some "down time."

So moms! Have a Kitkat break always!!!


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