KooBits ProblemSums: Now Available in Philippines

Mommies and daddies (like me) have often exchange stories about their children's struggle with numbers. And I do believe that Math is reputed as one of the toughest subject in school.

And now here's the good news for all us parent, Koobits Problem Sums is now in the Philippines. Koobits recently launched Koobits ProblemSums.

Mr. Stanley Han with mommies (G Toengi-Walter)

The ProblemSums Maths portal is one of the latest digital platforms designed by KooBits.

ProblemSums by KooBits is an adaptive online mathematics learning portal for primary students. It features a comprehensive collection of challenging Maths Word Problems and learning materials that will adapt to each child’s strength and weakness. 

It aims to enable all students to acquire mathematics concepts and skills for everyday use and continuous learning in mathematics, develop thinking and reasoning skills through an engaging mathematical approach to problem solving, and build confidence and generate greater interest in mathematics among students. 

ProblemSums by KooBits is aligned to the latest Singapore MOE Maths syllabus for primary schools, even reflecting the latest changes in syllabus for Primary One (2013). 

Video lessons are available for every skill that students are supposed to learn. Students can listen to explanation and view workings illustrating how to solve a mathematical problem in great details.


Koobits recognize the importance of mathematical processes and skills. Thus, KooBits Maths portal goes beyond the traditional MCQ and fill-in-the-blank questions; all questions require students to enter workings for reflective review and teachers’ feedback.

This answer format helps students to develop process skills such as reasoning, communication, connections, heuristics, applications and modeling.


All questions have an immediate feedback mechanism to guide the students. When students are stuck, they can refer to the detailed step-by-step solutions with the necessary models and diagrams. All questions and answers can be accessed by students and teachers.

High-Ability Maths and Mathematical Olympiad (APMOPS) 

KooBits Maths portal includes High-ability maths questions and Maths Olympiad questions for P1 to P6, featuring the official questions from the past 19 years of contest papers from the Singapore-Asia Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools.

Differentiated Skills Map 

Koobits also recognize that students have different starting points. Thus, in order to support every learner and maximize their potential, we designed our portal in a way that provides differentiated pathways and choices. At KooBits Maths portal, students can visualize Maths skills and how they are connected, and can choose to master the various skills at their own preference.

Homework & Auto-Marking
Homework can be set by teachers and parents, and will be presented on a timeline for easy reference. Teachers can choose to use the automatic homework assignment option, or choose to manually set customized questions to cater to different ability needs. Teachers can set test questions, and easily monitor submission and learning outcomes.

  • Teachers can generate printable versions of worksheets from the questions bank.

  • The auto-marking feature helps to instantly review mistakes made by students.

    The personalized homework function make the system adapt to each child’s strength and weakness. Pupils will receive homework that is focused on their latest weak areas, and will be given a set of revision questions to strengthen the concepts and make improvement.

Report & Scores Tracking 

Teachers and school leaders can view usage statistics and performance analysis at both the class level and individual level. 

The portal is open to parents to track their children’s progress too.

Mobile & Tablet Access 

KooBits Maths portal is compatible with the latest mobile devices such as iPad and Samsung Android tablets.

Leader Board & Peer Challenge 

The challenge zone (Daily Challenge & Leader Board) is a motivating place for student to engage in social and collaborative learning. It aims to give pupils a set of personalized questions every day.

 Peer Challenge allows students to form study buddies and help each other to schedule practice outside classroom.

Problem Sums by Koobits, the top online mathematics portal for grade school students in Singapore, is now in the Philippines. Students can login and access maths videos, word problems, homework and participate in Math challenges from anywhere with Internet connection.

KooBits ProblemSums has one of the largest collection of challenging maths word problems and video lessons, featuring more than 700 mathematical skills for your child to master. There are daily learning activities and weekly homework for your child to practice. Your child can also take part in online competitions and win prizes.


  1. Hello Bedalyn

    I would like to sign up for Koobits but need an existing subscriber's invitation. Are you a subscriber? Would I be able to get an invite from you?

    Thanks. Appreciate any help you can provide!


    From Koobits website
    * How Can I Get An invitation?
    For any parent who likes to purchase individually, you just need a valid invitation from an existing KooBits ProblemSums member.
    Step 1: Write an email to math@koobits.com with the existing member’s full name and school, as well as your child’s full name and school;
    Step 2: We’ll verify all information and send you a special payment link for you to purchase at school pricing;
    Step 3: After successful online payment, we’ll send you login information in details.

  2. just came across ur website. Can i get an invite from u as well? appreciate your help


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