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Former GirlTrends' Diva Quenery ready to unleash her dance prowess in 'RiVlog LIVE'

In celebration of Riva Quenery's 20th birthday, former GirlTrends member finally ticks off a major goal on her and her supporters' bucket list this coming May 27 through her first-ever concert titled RiVlog LIVE! at the SkyDome.

Riva has been quite a figure in the local vlogging scene with her naturally quirky and intimately personal vlog called RiVlog. Her vlog, which she proudly runs solo, likewise earned its own stripe last year.

RiVlog received YouTube's popular Silver Play Button award, a recognition that was given to vlog that have amassed a total of 100,000 subscribers. But, now roughly a year later, Riva's subscriber have more than doubled for she now has more than 340,000 followers.

But, more than showing her snappy dance moves and some of her singing skills, Riva's birthday concert would actually cater to the needs of less fortunate kids at the Tahanang Mapagkalinga ni Madre Rita.

Joining her on the show are her close friends composed of her close friends…

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